Clickmagick alternatives have been used, as digital marketers want to improve sales results continuously. Users always look for improved tools to increase their ROI.

They have been charged a lot of their money on digital advertising … up to now when a new performer appears…


Let’s look first at what is this tool and how it has improved the digital marketing campaigns so far.

What is Clickmagick?

ClickMagick is the Cloud-based tracking platform right from the beginning unlike the Clickmagick alternatives which some had to change the deployment to meet current standards. 

It’s used for all your needs regarding tracking, testing and improving all your marketing. It takes place at one location and lets users optimize and monitor all of their marketing campaigns.

While you optimize it, the company revenues grow by saving time as users can quickly set up new links to track.

Many prefer to use ClickMagick tracking services in the entire sales funnels, perform split testing, and geographic target audience. It can protect your campaigns against fraud.

With Clickmagick alternatives you still don’t optimize your link tracking and cannot capitalize on your conversions.

Your online revenues can increase dramatically with ClickMagick.

Before ClickMagick you’re wasting money, time and guesstimate your next campaign. 

Numbers don’t come across right, bad links kill your budget. Your trackers don’t count in all your sales. You are lost, you want to get decent results, but you don’t know how.

After ClickMagick you know what you’re paying for, you see the exact numbers for every link and ad. You can adjust the measurements and restart the process.

You use tests and get better results with optimization which allows you to get more customers much cheaper than before.

Looking into your new results, are you still wondering if you’d browse ClickMagick alternatives?


First you’ll go through important ClickMagick benefits as a top monitoring and tracking links conversions tool.

    Here’s Why Marketers Like You Love ClickMagick

Marketers seem to choose ClickMagick more often lately as it gives more accurate reports, it’s simple to use, it has advanced features which come in handy for larger projects. Users also like it because the benefits they get while tracking.

      Sales Funnels Tracking and Optimization

Optimize any sales funnel with ClickMagick, a tool that does more that tracking links. It has the most powerful tracking links that position well, and apart from Clickmagick alternatives it provides more than that.

With built in modules, ClickMagick provides a modern tracking solution incorporating industry standards like UTM.

It also includes “first party” cookies to track all elements in your sales funnel. 

And it does not reveal the tracking links and redirects.

      Upload data on Your Ad Networks


You use Facebook or Google networks to advertise? Then you know that they work with huge amount of data as they put AI to work to do the advertising. You could miss about one fifth of the sales if you’re using ClickMagick alternatives.

AI-driven tools on the network platforms get your accurate conversation uploaded from ClickMagick. You don’t pay more for the extra data that ClickMagick puts there. It translates into more customers.

      Cross-device tracking

A user has usually a few devices that they use regularly. Switching between them it’s difficult because they want to track activities in each of them.

When the buyer goes on one device and then to the next, then they may close a deal on another device later. ClickMagick helps you to track these transactions across devices, which now is accessible for small businesses and not with all Clickmagick alternatives.

      How to make more effective ads

You remember that some clicks waste your ads money. Some clicks come from automated processes directed to type of products or services you advertise, or they are sourced from the competition.

With ClickMagick you’d have the chance to set your own rules and choose the acceptable buyer behaviour.

This allows only those who are interested in your products and looking to buy to click. It means that your tools use your ads money are more efficiently.

Clickmagick alternatives don’t apply this option at this standard shown by the Clickmagick app. 

Retarget your visitors with advanced techniques

You don’t want to bother your prospects sending messages all over again when they are more advanced into the purchasing process. You may also want to know the buying behaviours of your website visitors.

They are here for a minute, they opt-in, they leave and ClickMagick offers you tools to track them to other web pages all across the web.

The pages may not be yours, but you will still get tracking information on your past visitors. In majority starter plans of Clickmagick alternatives this does not occur.

They get the magic retargeting pixel that shows in your tracking links and reports and they can become your customers faster.

GEO and Mobile targeting

With ClickMagick you can send your visitors to pages at their geographic location or type of device directly. Your website visitors have a smooth experience it allows them to dynamically access the pages they need seamlessly.

Their effortless actions increase the chances they get more information. They spend more quality time on your site instead of hitting accessing roadblock, and that leads to more conversions.

This feature is not employed by many of the starters plans of Clickmagick alternatives.

Affiliate marketing tools

Many starter affiliates notice that to succeed in affiliate marketing means taking control of the sales process, providing reliable information to instil trust.

Get to your customers with information that appeals to them instantly to help you be part of major affiliate networks.

A super affiliate marketer has created ClickMagick to manage his multi-million dollar business building tools to control your sales process, integrate and optimize your web pages by:

  • developing “dynamic affiliate links” you use in affiliate offers
  • using Postback Builder, the automated app that assists your integration with major affiliate networks
  • employing A/B tests that can easily appeal to specific target markets and convert faster.

The app contains additional helper tools which are not available at Clickmagick alternatives.

Intelligent Automated A/B testing

Do you know why A/B or split testing has appeared in targeting the audience? So you can take the right decisions about what appeals to your web visitors.

While you currently employ ClickMagick alternatives split testing techniques, you might be making numerous mistakes that costs your ad budget dearly.

Automated ClickMagick split testing eliminates the bad A/B testing since it’s built on reliable intelligent algorithms.

The tool releases alerts when it finds a web page display that appeals to a higher degree to your audience and automatically redirects the traffic to the winner.

“Bot” scanning

Direct response marketers know that bots can mess up the tracking data. “Bots” are automated internet robots that can run as spiders, or crawlers and can be useful to index web pages in a search engine.

About 49% of all web traffic is fake (

While they are useful for other sites, this may not be true for yours. The bots can affect your stats and performance metrics and can have a destructive impact on your advertising budget.

They can also be malicious, can self-propagate and harm your devices by gathering passwords, obtain private information, allow other malware to infect your software space and breach other security and safety rules.

Unlike some of the ClickMagick alternatives, users constantly get refunds from large networks for bad clicks that the app detects.

Clickmagick helps you filter and block the bots if you choose to. It significantly increases the accuracy of your ad performance, gives you peace of mind and speeds up conversions.

When web visitors come to your webpages, ClickMagick redistributes the traffic to a number of URLs in the way you set it. They are part of a traffic delivery system called click rotators.

Use them in your email marketing campaign, affiliate offers, or “solo ads” – the individual ad you broadcast in an eZine.

Get your Clickmagick and watch your profits rise!

ClickMagick alternatives don’t have the unique rotators types with multiple options that allow extensive flexibility with huge number of options.

They help you deliver traffic considering: timing of the ads, device type, location, occupation, gender, income or other factors.     

Video Tutorials

Educational tutorials do an awesome job showing ClickMagic screens and how to videos from the Knowledge Base.

It’s started with the sound thinking that solid, continuous and dependable education that Clickmagick alternatives don’t exhibit is critical to get the best results from the tool.

Instructions contain how to track, test and optimize your ads with ClickMagick.

The learning materials contain a beneficial course on how to handle click tracking. It maximizes your use of the platform with simple tips.

The training contains many resources that help you find what you want even when you get stuck. It helps the users to find answers to every detail feature that might not come in handy while practising with the app.

It’s easy to find your topic with a search that looks into over 400 tutorials.

Quality Traffic Analysis

Your traffic analysis is automated since each tracking link receives a Traffic Quality Score. You know what kind of traffic you’re receiving based on the score.

It allows you to know which links are valuable, increase your bottom line and which are a waste.

ClickMagick warns you if the click traffic quality is unreasonably low, and when you apply the Clickmagick alternatives you’ve got to spot it yourself.

This smart tracking tool can monitor around the clock any change in traffic whether created as a consequence of your actions or by your website visitors.

It’s a system that gets you in to see the exact metrics in seconds. It doesn’t waste your time to push navigating through windows and screens to find some part of it eventually.

ClickMagick shows the accurate data and, all key stats and performance metrics.

You look at the fresh data, it’s there now, you have real-time view of everything, you get the full picture.

Customer Support

With a few simple clicks, this powerful tool gives you all the information you need to manage, develop, and improve your marketing in real-time. The data you receive relates to: kind of users coming to your sites.

US-based customer service team that all Standard and Pro users receive for almost entire day. Live chat resolves issues on the spot within the 18 hour daily window you can get in touch with them.

The turnaround is minimal at Help desk an average of one hour and working every day of the year.

The Clickmagick team has experienced marketers from the US who have been there handling calls, resolving issues for maximum results for the customers benefit.

Your ads don’t make only web conversions, they could also make your phone ring and your sales conclude over the phone.

Using Clickmagick alternatives means missing to accurately integrate your true sales numbers.

This powerful tool helps you track your phone sales to the actual ad that’s the source of the call by making a simple adjustment to your website optin feature.

ClickMagick Alternatives table

Starter plans only for Clickmagick and some alternative tools that optimize links. Summary shows features and pricing.




A Clickmagick alternative, the LinkTrackr is a link tracking tool where you have the chance to customize details of link tracking. You start to configure session settings, to set custom cookie rules and to filtering “bots”.

Creators show as key features the elements that relate to the technical systems such as: consistent data backups, domain mapping, reliable servers.



Improvely, a ClickMagic alternative is a conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring platform that is used by thousands of marketing professionals.

It tracks results and detect fraud. Irrespective of the channel.

Improvely detects the source of the sign-up and monitors every click for suspicious activity.

It automatically creates a unique website for every visitor on your website so you can get to know them better.

It offers a great way to work with your team towards collectively improving the link tracking process.



Linktrack is a simple and effective link tracking tool that monitors every click easily and accurately. It provides you with real-time updates so you know where your traffic is coming from.

You get unlimited clicks and unlimited links, brandable domain names for tracking links. Get full color graphs so you can see where you’re getting the best results.

Receive real-time reports on the website that provide detailed tracking information.

Receive real-time click alert emails every time your link is clicked. While you still consider it a Clickmagick alternative, it doesn’t provide you with that many gimmicks.

You still get free real-time graphs so you can clearly visualize your link activity and see where you’re getting the most response.

With this level of visual reporting you can view a complete account overview of all your statistics.

Drill down into each individual link to see when it got the most clicks, and where your traffic is coming from.

Charts and graphs like this come with every single Linktrack account – including the free ones.



Increasing conversion rate is a goal that all tracking links creators are after. ClickMeter as a ClickMagick alternative tends to give you data o achieve more conversions. 

Take all your marketing links and monitor. You can monitor, study, measure, then optimize them in one place and more visitors convert to customers.

Check the conversions and target visitors to the pages with best conversion rates. At those pages track views, engagement and conversion. 

The tool can create tracking links with ease, with a click of a button and selecting a valid tracking URL.

It also allows monitoring the speed and delays of downloading web pages. It generally tracks the aspects related to the security and professionalism of various web pages.

Some web pages don’t allow you to move ahead in your marketing: broken links, URL blacklists, click fraud.

It allows sharing the reports with partners, clients, and any others interested in such data.

clickmagic-alternatives-clickorg is a link tracking and optimization software applied by many digital marketing specialists worldwide. It could provide a ClickMagick alternative but not anywhere near the number of tracking links and events for the price.

It helps improve the ROI of a digital marketing campaign and employs a variety of powerful features.

Some are not included in the basic version: conversion tracking, ad targeting, re targeting, A/B split testing, links rotation, mobile browser detection.

ClickMagick alternatives are not so powerful in terms of links monitoring, tracking and conversion with pricing combined.

Those which offer some extra links and events or clicks charge a significant higher price and they also don’t demonstrate all capabilities of Clickmagick. The others at free fee or lower don’t offer the link tracking, link conversions or even mobile capabilities.

Click here for your Clickmagick and see your profits rise!