The company was established with focus on Earth’s environment regeneration and it’s uniquely positioned in the web hosting industry due to its reputable presence as Green Power Partner.

Overview and Problem

GreenGeeks web hosting is an international work alliance that provides superior web hosting experience to customers from over 150 countries.

Data centres in Canada, the Netherlands and the US with the headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and Montreal, Quebec. Their world experience as a hosting provider spans more than 12 years.

As of this moment, they host more than half a million websites. And starting from the fact that websites pollute the environment. The average website emits carbon dioxide about 4.5K annually. Since more businesses go online it’s becoming a necessity to make services related to websites environmentally friendly.

Eco-friendly GreenGeeks Web Hosting

For each unit of power Greengeeks web hosting provider consumes running all its websites three times more they contribute to the grid in the form of renewable energy.

For over 10 years, the web hosting company is recognized as a Green Power Partner by the US Environmental Protection Agency. GreenGeeks works with Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) in Portland, Oregon.

They deliver the numbers to BEF about the number of servers, personnel, and any other resources that use electricity. BEF calculates the energy consumption and carbon  footprint.

BEF buys three times more Renewable Energy Credits than GreenGeeks web hosting consumes. In other words, the old conventional energy consumed by the hosting service is replaced three fold with wind power credits. With a total of 615,000 web hosting claim and 300,000 upgrades,

Greengeeks becomes number one green web hosting company in its commitment to green energy.

On top of its unique positioning, Greengeeks web hosting also offers quality service that keeps your website running smoothly 24/7

Superior Hosting Includes These Main Features

  • Solid, flexible, dependable Infrastructure
  • Relying on the most dependable network providers
  • Best manufactured servers hardware
  • Best quality updated software to power run the servers
  • The hosting platform offers Shared, Reseller, VPS, and WordPress Hosting specially engineered.

Through its plans, GreenGeeks achieves fast, most secure and scalable hosting from one to an unrestricted number of sites if you wish to host reliably.

In-Demand GreenGeeks Web Hosting Plans

The most popular plans are the “Lite” and the “Pro” currently at $2.95/month and at $5.95/month respectively.

Both include many useful features that lead to worthwhile benefits.

    • Unlimited Web Space which means no storage restriction if you host only one website or even countless numbers of websites with GreenGeeks web hosting
    • Unlimited Data Transfer between your sites and other companies’ sites
    • Free SSL Certificate for superior security. In the URL you’ll see ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ – his means higher security encryption making your site safer for all eyes. If you want ranking in Google you must have this, otherwise this giant search engine downgrades your non-SSL website.
    • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
    • Free Nightly Backup, while you have data saved daily with no backup storage restriction
    • Free CDN refers to the fast loading ability of the internet assets, like websites and everything relevant to them no matter where your location is on the globe.
    • Unlimited Email Accounts with no storage restriction. The GreenGeeks web hosting limitation is only imposed by the number of emails sent per hour according to your plan.
    • WordPress Installer with easy-to-use interface to install and update
    • Unlimited Databases with no restriction on the number of databases and database storage for all your websites data
    • LSCache which is the latest tech for the cache page that speeds up the loading of pages. The web pages are based on WordPress and other websites that provide dynamic – that changes and uses dynamically various web capabilities content
    • 300% Green Energy Match, as previously shown
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Due to the higher performance – twice as much compared to the Lite – the Pro web hosting plan has more Central Processing (CPU cores), more physical memory, and virtual memory. The “Pro” GreenGeeks web hosting plan runs more simultaneous processes, handles more emails per hour, and hosts an unlimited number of websites.

Here are the detailed differences:

  • “Lite” plan
    2 CPU cores, 1 GB Physical memory, 10 MB/sec Disk I/O, 150,000 inodes, 100 entry processes(Concurrent connections), 100 emails per hour
    1 Website
    Standard Performance

“Pro” plan

  • 3 CPU cores, 2 GB Physical memory, 15 MB/sec Disk I/O, 300,000 inodes,300 entry processes, 300 emails per hour
    Unlimited Websites which means no restriction on the number of websites
    2x Performance

Based on the increased performance using the latest, fastest tech (SSD, RAID-10) concurrently with superior optimization for fast read, and write, Greengeeks provides back-to-back, progressive

SOLUTIONS end-to-end

Understanding that simple, quickly and profitable are important pillars of any business, GreenGeeks web hosting understands you and your visitors by sourcing outstanding service.
Committing to serve customers with high standards, GreenGeeks has a complete solution to help you get your online site fast and in only a few steps. They also assist with tools to promote your website and to profit with your site. You will experience their unrivaled reputation for quality green energy web hosting with outstanding 24×7 support services that gives you


The GreenGeeks web hosting service specialists guide you through the buying process. They made themselves known as some the brightest, dedicated, and one of the most friendly in the web hosting industry.  

Even from the first contact, you’ll feel satisfied. If it may happen otherwise, the team employs more research so you will always count on a robust resolution.

The company shows high ranks by many third-party web hosting companies. For example the Google reviews rates them 4.4 out of 5 stars in customer support.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance for their reputation. And their teams work consistently to resolve any of your issues on a one-to-one call until you fully accept the solution.


The starting point is confidence in having a service that helps green energy develop through the web hosting services.

If a customer feels dissatisfied for any reason and would feel that personal involvement is necessary, you’ll get it from the Greengeeks staff.

The GreenGeeks web hosting support always takes extra steps and the time to directly assist you to achieve a sound web hosting. That’ll increase your business profitability both now and in the long run.

Has GreenGeeks Web Hosting Any Downside?

We found a couple.

  • Uptime versus downtime- since the uptime is as stated at about 99.99%, there is a chance that you find your website on a downtime of approximately 0.01% of your total web hosting time.
  • Trial period – There is none, however we’ve got the opportunity to browse, implement and use the appropriate features fully in the first month. It has a 30-day money back guarantee and after the period passed we didn’t even think of cancelling.

Upsides Crush the Downsides

Looking for a reliable website hosting with plenty of tech gadgets – some visible and some behind the scenes? Want reliability, outstanding customer support, innovations in regards to your websites hosting on top of a powerful green energy user? Then, look no further, as GreenGeeks web hosting has it all.