The world today has more people who want to make a greater and more effective impact towards success. To achieve it, we’ll show why negotiation is important in women’s leadership success.

Many business persons are women. They reach the peak of organizations and use critical business skills on their way to success. 

When women learn how to repeatedly negotiate in diverse business environments and meet various parties at the table, all business systems expand.

They create more opportunities and consequences of larger markets with benefits for an increasing population.

Let’s take a glimpse at several aspects of why negotiation is important in women’s leadership

Development of businesses and the economy

What power of persuasion you have over others? People who look down on those who work in sales, certainly do not want a career in this field. They haven’t come across the principles and different types of negotiations.

Beyond them, it’s the fact that the market economy depends on the proper functioning and the markets create success as an economic system.

Almost nothing we buy as consumers could be achieved without the effort of those who work in sales in the distribution chain.

Increase sales

why negotiation is important women leadership increase sales

Negotiation does not mean a heated argument with the other parties, nor dwelling in a glacial atmosphere, although this may be a good tactic in certain circumstances.

A reason why negotiation is important in women’s leadership leads to sales growth, soaring company revenues.

The truth is that success in negotiations is really dependent on your ability to convince people. In this respect, those who work in sales have a considerable advance from the start.

Think about your circle of friends and acquaintances and who work in sales.

You’d immediately perceive who has been a successful sales person for years, those who haven’t and those who don’t close sales regularly. Some persons express a magnetic personality.

How do charismatic people influence negotiations?

Do you know people with an irresistible personality? people who seem to be constantly in the spotlight who never lack friends ready to support them, support their ideas, keep them company, and do what they want?

Charisma is a special quality but unfortunately it is rather rare, and most have to do without it.

Charisma is a gift, which is not necessarily increased if you wear branded clothes or if you use the best lotions after shaving or the best perfumes.

Convincing others is an ability you use every day, in your relationship with your family, with colleagues and friends and most importantly, with your bosses!

Your influential traits and why negotiation is important in women’s leadership

First of all, who are you? Success in negotiations is influenced by the extent to which you demonstrate certain qualities and abilities. Evaluate yourself based on the list below. Think of yourself and what kind of person are you?

why negotiation is important women leadership and brings success

Take into consideration the following and know what kind of person of person are you. Are you someone who:

  • manifests a strong desire to succeed in business
  • presents herself as a person who likes people
  • has an open mind (several ways to achieve a goal)
  • maintains self-control
  • persists, meaning a “no” can always be turned into a “maybe” and “maybe” into a “yes”
  • presents the problems positively, unambiguously and not spinning the wheels
  • has a positive attitude
  • shows determination
  • chooses the most persuasive words
  • influences the emotional atmosphere of the meetings
  • feels the right moment and has tact
  • think clearly in stressful situations

Why negotiation is important in business relationships

Based on the traits mentioned at the previous point, evaluate your current skills by circling in the table above which you think best represents you

You may not be well on all factors but as you learn more about yourself and experiment more you acquire more knowledge about your business behaviours and experimentation leads to advancements.

However, do not experiment in real negotiations that could have significant impact on the goals of your organization and that’s why negotiations is important in women’s leadership.

Develop your effectiveness in dealing with others and learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your other parties.

Why negotiation is important to nurture communication?

Communications and personal negotiations are aspects of personal effectiveness when applied in negotiations and contribute to the use of an appropriate communication style. There are two specific styles that we use in daily communication

  • extroverted style
  • inductive style

why negotiation is important women leadership stimulating communications

As can be inferred from the name, the first style is the one that tries to convince a person to do something by giving him a lot of information, in fact pushing the other party in a certain position.

Inductive style is related to trying to encourage the other party to do something, leading him to a certain position. Obviously this approach involves more manipulation of others and is more subtle than the extroverted style.

Reaching your goals

The six reasons show their own importance in negotiations, it gets you steps closer to the goals you’d like to reach. 

When you review each of them, you’ll acknowledge that even if you don’t apply all of them, it determines a significant impact in achieving the results you want from any negotiation.